LFA is back with a fourth album, « Stars and Stones », now backed-up by two fine band members François-Pierre Fol and Yohan Landry. The three-piece stopped by a small town in the South West of France to record material that had been written over a period of two years.

Under the new creative impulse of the band, the folky dreamy songwriting of the first albums has been remarkably expanded and given an ampler, more powerful edge. A tight rhythmic section combines the intimate and tender melodies of LFA’s work with complex musical arrangements, adding a dynamic flow to the performance.

While keeping Luis’ sweet melancholy intact, « Stars and Stones » unveils a great deal of surprises, from the jazzy sounding intro of « Ninety days « to the electronic staple of « Gold ». Luis' haunted voice stands out on first listen. Its flow nestles into your ears right until the last notes of the intimate vocal harmonies of » Containers », which closes the album beautifully.

This fourth soaring performance reaffirms the creativity and potential of an artist who, whether he’s on stage or in the studio, clearly prefers to experiment rather than settle for musical convention.