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as some of you may have noticed, i haven't written any report for a while... And to be honest i don't think i will write anything in the next future about it. I confess... i 've become a lazy man!

Please just hit the road, come to see us on stage, and just experience it yourself!



Cuneo 2011-02-20

All my gear is fucked up but i don't need it anymore; I can feel every note i'm playing, both from my guitar and my distorded voice. Carlos you are a great man. Good bye Italia. Gracie Mille.

Another house show

Finale Ligure 2011-02-19

Hey Libero, only 16 months-old but you already know everything that's worth living!

Full moon. I left a piece of my heart in Finale Ligure, maybe one day i'll have to go and get it back.

House show

Finale Ligure 2011-02-18

it was great listening to the sound of your delicate mouths breathing melting with the music.

Juice bar

Trieste 2011-02-17

Such a great night, you definitely have to try some Terrano...

Druso Circus

Bergamo 2011-02-16

We entered the yellow submarine and spent the night with the Liverpool boys. Sweet memories.

Loop cafè

Perugia 2011-02-15

You fucking thieves.


Roma 2011-02-14

We will fuck up your Valentine.