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the widows

Belturbet 2009-09-11

I arrived in Cavan town at around 3pm.Spent the whole time in the bus sleeping and listening to music. Once in Cavan i got into a nice café (the cafe sessions) where i could get a wireless internet connection. Spent the whole afternoon working on the french tour for next January. Then i met Michael who is running the show tonight. he is a super nice guy completely devoted to music, good vibes, always a smile on his face. Always has thoughtful words. He plays with two of his brothers in a Neil Young cover band and organises shows in different venues around Cavan. "The widows" is THE typical Irish pub. Feels like i'm in a movie. Kids between 16 and 25 are hanging around with people up to their 60's. Now i can see how strong the cultural value of pubs is in Irish society. One by one, 5 kids go on stage and grab the same acoustic guitar to sing songs in front of this intergenerational crowd who craves for the same kind of music. Music with heart and soul.Dwayne, who is hitting "he box" during the previous acts, comes with me on stage and improvises on almost all my songs.Pure cultural exchange!

I'm now traveling the green lands to Athlone with a mind full of sweet memories. 

The stables, The yukon bar

Mullingar 2009-09-10

Mullingar is a nice small town west of Dublin. It takes two hours and a half from Dublin to get there by bus. I guess it's a lot faster by car.

Wild capitalism seems not to strike so hard on Mullingar. I'm pretty amazed to see that in the same store you can find musical instruments along with food, toys, books and whatever. A bit like a pawn shop except for the prices, here very expensive.

Irish people were the first to suffer from economical crisis were'nt they?

I'm sharing the stage with Herms, a Dubliner who has really nice songs of his own. The problem tonight is that we're playing in front of:

1/ the sound engineer

2/the barmaid

3/a friend of Herms

4/Dave who set up the tour 

which makes stage diving a bit more difficult. Okay so first thought is to wonder why you're doing this job.Traveling so far away from home for such a small crowd.The answer is i don't know, but i'll always keep doing this. Well maybe it's not really a job actualy? 

The Globe

Dublin 09/09/09

Dublin is much smaller than i expected. The city center at least.It was a bit noisy at the Globe but in this country people manage to listen to the music while they're chatting. Irishmen have powers.

festival de la motte

Siecq 2009-08-01



Paris 2009-06-20


vernissage ZAR galerie Eponyme

Bordeaux 2009-05-14


show for green energy

Bodo 2009-05-04


Café mir

Oslo 2009-05-03