Live report

Cantina mediteraneo

Frosinone 2011-02-13


The cook came back from his epic journey in the whole world; He was pregnant and carried the two smallest puppies i'd ever seen; He put them in a small silver box in the middle of a huge cave all covered with snow.



ROMA 2011-02-12

Birthday time!!! video shots with scrang,

there will be chocolates for everyone. 

La Cantinaccia

Giulianello 2011-02-11

Dance crazy people, dance and shake your bones, every one of you with your own ghost.

Lego cafè

Cesena 2011-02-10

I fought and i won. Sometimes you have to take le taureau par la licorne.

Les joullins

Tours 2010-04-21

i know my vision is distorted today, i'm seeing things through this ugly and scary veil. But it seems so real, so genuine...

Chapelle Chavagne

Saintes 2011-01-22

Magic time,in this small church. Good to play with Mr Parade again. Amazing audience.

First attempt at a Tumbleweed cover, not so good i think.

La grande vie

Angoulême 2011-01-21

For any misterious reasons, there were people here from different periods of my life, that i hadn't seen for ages...

I could see all those slices of life parading in front of me at the same time.

Childhood/ Teenage/early adult age/ til now. All in the same cartoon.

Mazik au village

Chançay 2011-01-08

Put your slippers on!!! Man, there are100 people in the living room... Yeah i know, this is the future of pop music. Shut up and give me some more of this tasty wine.