Stars & Stones

1. Ninety days
2. Gold
3. Pocket change
4. Saviour's bow
5. Break the spell
6. Monsters
7. Empty house
8. Morning defeats
9. For real
10. Ice in the glass
11. Old time photograph
12. Containers

Ninety Days


Ninety days without the sound of your dumb voice
It scares me but within five minutes i will know if i was wrong
Luckily i don't need much room to fit my soul
Hopefully one day i'll get a bigger shell
I was wrong
Suddenly your body shakes in front of me again
It pleases me this time i can breathe with no pain
I was wrong
Show me what's left inside the pink red box
I'll take it and do my best to make it grow
Like i was loved
In your absence i got the answers you're asking for
Don't you notice my voice getting colder?
In your absence i lost the patience you're asking for
keep your promise to go see the doctor



On the day of my coming back something was missing in your eyes
I captured all the words we lacked, gave them to you, you turned into a butterfly
Are we gonna be brave enough to kill it soon? This place we built with all our heart
Hold the ashes in, see them through
I try to hide the question marks
There's nothing to be scared about
On the day of my coming back from a long hunt something was dying in your eyes
So i captured all the words we lacked, gave them to you, you turned into a butterfly
Hold the ashes in, see them through
Who wants to throw his gold in the fire?
Don't need no reason i need to rest

Pocket change


Why don't you never show what your heart is filled with
Childhood memories you don't recall
Leaving me on my own in this too large body
When will i be able to give a hand
To this little boy who's stuck in there
Saving the two of us from this deep black hole
Saving the two of us from this terrible choice
When the half of it is a big mistake
And the other half is the best thing to do
Well i'm not supposed to cry,
I'm not supposed to laugh
Won't you help me get a little more faith in the end
Won't you dare talking to me in the end
Cause i'm not supposed to cry
And i'm not supposed to laugh
I don't want to buy your thoughts with my pocket change talks
I don't want to make you face your own despair
Leading the two of us to this deep black hole
Leading the two of us to this terrible choice

Savior's bow


They called your name, first off the list
You could not resist the charming taste for a brand new escape
Doesn't mean you're safe in here
Nothing's like the stroke from the glove of the killer's hand
Why don't you turn gun on you?
I don't need your prayers, i'm the wolf in your chicken land
It's time to turn the gun on you
It's hard to tell who's gonna get the other one in pieces
So sharpen arrows for the saviour's bow
After all you've said, you said...
Nothing's like the stroke from the glove of the killer's hand
Why don't you turn the gun on you?
I don't need your prayers, i'm the wolf in your chicken land
It's time to turn the gun on you
Drink up the last bottle, fair enough now you're not alone

Break the spell


I made my way through the bombs burried in the sand, waiting for the great escape
I lost my head in the haze of your trembling voice, regrets or remorses?
Like you said
Break the spell you hold me locked in
All the people i love are the bravest soldiers
They're all falling one by one
I'm gonna leave there as well cause i need to meet you
Anybody wants to be alone in this world?
As time goes by you find it a bit harder to cope with time, no more sight of you
No more disguise i need to break loose
Reach up for shiny stars throw them down like stones



We all have mountains to climb
Circled by deep water sharks
We all have monsters to fight
Mine seems to have several lives
Wonder how yours look like...
Does it go away in the night?
The bells have rung it's time to close your eyes let yourself drown...

Morning defeats


Treasures, robbers, no more colors
Treason, shotguns, tremors, every morning wakes me up with a new wrinkle
Failure, laughters, another whisper
Phone calls, hidden, stolen, every morning wakes me up with the same picture
I go along with it and i'm laughing out loud
Give me another kiss so the fever cools down
One of these days it won't mean nothing at all
I'm pouring another drink, to your rebirth

For real


On a white rollercoaster i slipped out of fear
And then down in the water they smiled through the waves
So i swam in slow motion 'til i could'nt breathe
I got carried away for real

Do you still have this picture i left on the shelf
Ìf you owe me a million i owe you the same
That's the change you don't notice the illness to be
That will carry you away for real

Under pressure under attack still the shadows remain
In the corner of your sad eyes
Where the ice found its nest
And it's spreading out to the boundaries

Ice in the glass


Deep in the ice i could feel my heart beat lost in the larcenies
All around town there's a rumour spreading about something i must have missed
I'm getting tired of the words you don't believe
I'll take this one on me
No matter what you're trying to hide in here
What the hell do you think you mean to me?
Turn off the lights my body needs some sleep
It feels like my brain is leaking
The clink of the ice in the glass is warning me
But it's drowning in your confused human speeches
If you think you're that close to me
Must be something i didn't see
Anyway tonight your heart is mine
Can you help me feel anything?
Nothing ever comes to me

Old time photograph


No dust in my memory, i still know who you are
Rainclouds can be threatening, til' they wash the dirt out
Precious precious silver jewels sparkling in the dark
You showed me how to find them, in this crowded night sky
Oh, there you go, dressed in your most beautiful dress, let me sing you this song
I'm stumbling on this old time photograph
The colors might fade, but not in my heart
You're a proof of that there's no doubt
Nobody can deny this little voice that leads us along the same path
I'm glad that we're all dressed in our most beautiful suit tonight to sing you this song



It's a bit too much in the same container
Let the water boil inside
When the vapor shows you should you feel it coming
Make sure everyone is safe and sound in bed
Move a step from where you are
No more in the center
You're a part of everyone
We all desintegrate in containers
Try to push the walls to a reasonable distance
Hold your body close to the dragon
Turn your eyes away from the witch's dark glance
Because of course she knows you could always give in
Move a step from where you are
No more in the center
You're apart from everyone
We all desintegrate in containers

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Seven Birds


Someone got hurt by the spider

All those blank areas were not wanted sweet oblivion

Everyone drunk at this dinner

Barking dogs and bloody questions, think i'm ready hearing

Explanations yet long after promises of journeys to disgress.

Some of them say "influential", others say he didn't crawl when he loved

Pictures of my self-made hiding castle

Protecting the children we were,they're coming to run over us

Starting of a long inquiry

isn't it better in my place? there i won't get letters

I don't feel any hate for no one

It won't ever change your appeasing voice

Don't need any understanding, six months of recluded life, long gone...

Seven birds flew by then...

Hard to move


If kindness was a power

Then would it be enough

Enough to sail accross the ocean of your decline

I'd jump overboard


As i whispered secrets on your ear

you cried this aloud

Should i have any reason to fear

The blood on your mouth

So hard to move


If you have one more suggestion to make

Then write me down a line

But please don't throw another of your curses on my

Tiny drying heart

As i stumble from the highest step

Please wait for me down

Only one season rules your rainy life

and the blood on your mouth

So hard to move


Under red lights

A last sight of the city

Before we hit the clouds

Overseas i'll wait for you to come

Hold my breath for a minute

To make sure belts are locked

Looking for a safer place than home

Feel my limbs all moving

Not that i asked for

Run the risk to speak without a point

action faces reason

in this bloody run

one last chance for us to split apart

pause and rest for a minute

I hope i'm far enough

I should pay more attention to the clock

Under arrest for a vision confessed to the heart of a whore

down in the quicksand we 'll send you a million applauses in reward

Under red lights, speaking without a point.



Are you safer now?

Orphan crazy child

Stolen in the clouds

Do we owe you a lot?


Among all the things we did

There's one for which you're back here

I swear that we haven't slept more than an hour

For this we apologise

Well, nothing we did was right

you came down here out of the blue


May you sit at this table?

Now you're old enough

Did we make you cry?

Did this hurt that much?

Your vision was blurred by dirt

By demons that once kissed you

I swear that we haven't told more than a lie

We didn't expect you to find

The house where you grew up once

We were meant to cleanse your mind

Young peanut-eye

In the barn is the straw that you're looking for

The very last straw

Take a light and a candle in the drawer here

No more pain in your heart



The Lion's kiss


Warmth,under a subdued light

silky matter all around

Oh!i can feel the threat

of your claws which point me out...


Oh!Can't you see the plight?

Drag me out of my ocean

No!You can't take me now

Sick and tired yet still unborn


Wait...i give up the fight

cut the rope and i'm all yours it looks outside

cold as if to keep me alive


Course the sores stand as a sign

this was your only try

Course the lions kiss on the mouths

Give them just one more try!

oh no...precious home is so far from me

heading on a wall

oh no...never felt this headache before

falling down the hole


On a mission

a red hair fortune teller is settled on top of a hill,waiting for her host

to please.

She keeps her secret underneath pictures of apple trees.

Locked up in her house she's sleeping.

Mrs Rose believe me, you can not be safer than you are

Mrs Rose upon the hill,you can not be bigger than you are

Red eyes guardians dressed in green leather are marching in

Make sure that she won't be killed.

And she waits for me to bring the precious things that she needs

i'm going on a mission...

Can i add a rule to the game?

How come that the neighborhood they never dare to speak your name?

Am i trapped in a cage?

Don't say you apologise,i'll never be your host again...

Mrs Rose believe me, you can not be safer than you are

Mrs Rose dont cry for me, i could not be as brave as you are.


Porcelain tandem


Sunny spells won't blind our eyes

Mar the beauty of your heart

But i keep wary of instinction

I can't help from watching out

Loneliness is always required

To gather all the good of our

Porcelain rolling tandem

Growing fear of dusty smiles

Hold me tight, we won't be stolen

Scattered showers gone at last

Sheltered from the storm we laughed

cause we don't fear the troublemakers

Hiding quiet in our eyes

We're all familiar.


Bastard sons


Cristal eyeball

Finger prints

Tightened up like siamese twins

An old comon fright dwindled in peace

Heart beating fast, pressed on my skin

She said we were all bastard sons

Motion starts like speading trains

The blood on the tracks has run through your veins

Now we're one and the same.


Reckon the haze

most of this will take a while

eversince you lit this candle

a blackened air has filled your lungs

there's no use banging your head

against the front door of the windmill

no one ever closed that door

Guide me to the park where we'll both die

it's been a while since you and i have not dug a grave

Guide me in the dark,where we'll both hide

you know it's time for you and i to reckon the haze

sleepy time will clear it out

it will help to burry the sores then

if only you could save your soul

most of this will take a while

crack a smile,it's just a fancy

this is what you are singing...


One last record

i travel through your world

in case you step on mine

cause we're all sat upon

treasures to be robbed

no time to call

the solitary man

got to be a map

lost in the river banks

know that i can see

know that i can breathe

know that i can hear

know that i can sleep

distance is a scheme that we can compromise

a million faces back in time

still that look in your eyes

put down your gun

i've already been tried

i traveled through your world

in case you'd step on mine


The soldier's break

Heard the soldier dying in my hall

Sharpest blades got to sculpture in my bones

Stroke down in my throat

Absent colors brighten up my clothes

Fear the beggar hangin' round your door

Feeding up your goats

Lighting up the fire that burned your soul

Northern sailers parked their unheard boats

Second blast'til heart goes beating strong

bursting into drops

I don't want you to fly

all overhead

on me

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